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The Medicine Path

A world full of hunger.

A world full of medicine.

I can only speak for myself what it means to feel hungry in pain and have medicine on hand.

These are two opposing ends and very much goes hand in hand.

I observe it in my community and layers of the ongoing totality of strength to seal the healing.

I too was starving, this hunger.

Starving for connection to my own divinity, uncoiling threads of my parents and social conditioning's.

How to trust. What to do? Who am I? How to be?

A cocoon outside my shell, all I wanted was to feel safe.

Medicine is not only a form of substance, far from a pill.

It is doctoring of, oneself.

My own path to healing is an endless journey.

As long as I am living, I chose to live with integrity. Healing happens when I do things that

I set out to do with grace, but first the 'UGLY' get's to be witnessed. Healing is by being honest. Making up for all the times that I've betrayed myself & others. Not living in guilt or pointing fingers by blame. I have a great habit of pointing fingers if I've misplaced something, thinking the worst in others. We all have moments of, guilt, shame and blame.

Allow shift of awareness to evolve in our being. What does it mean to shift? It means that we are able to observe the sensation of our human design. First with our breath, feel what is arising. Is it too fast or shallow? "What is my energy level?"

Being neutral with each outcome, without being hooked or attached.

We know what poison feels like, an incurable shake from the overwhelmed stress of our day to day lives. The sorrows from our ancestors who bled into modern times. How to heal when we have a plague of mental illness & emotional drainage, all around us? Even if it is settle.

Step into devotion & prayers. Send love to yourself first and embrace this gathering of love to your own well being. Once you feel more in your body, send prayers to humanity.

This will help us to drop into truth, stepping out of fear. Where fear is a cup of poison. Especially, when you drink yourself to death.

Awareness brings life to your own medicine. Each person has a medicine that they carry. May you remember enough, to share.

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