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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

She weeps from the betrayal of the world. Feeling it all, in her dark room, sleepless night's laying on her chilled bones. A gun wound to her heart.

Desperately there was no answers to make it all right. Just time. Divided she felt. Faded into the abyss of darkness, stirring up the past wounds of her mothers, mother and so on. Searching blind for a nest to rest, but this time, this bullet pierced even, deeper.

Lost in the dark jungle of fears, she slowly began to look up and walk towards the light, basking in the warmth nakedly, feeling hope.

When sorrow meets love

She falls onto her knees.

Truth has no words, it is the breath of fairness when inhaled expressively, fully into the belly. Flowing without force. A gentle nudge that truth resides in the body.

A knowing. A melt. Illumination.

Sorrow has no where else to go.

Only to meet laughter.

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