Arnica CBD Body Oil

Arnica CBD Body Oil



This unique combination of two potent medicanals makes our Arnica CBD Oil a powerful healer and best seller! 

“Sun Grown”, therapeutic grade CBD from the Sierra Nevada Foothills combined with flower petals and roots from the Arnica plant we ethically harvest in the high mountains- infused with organic oils of olive and sunflower.


Root-like and earthy 


Generously apply a few drops of oil on your hand and lather from your face down to your feet.


- skin health

- nerve pain

- arthritis 

- osteoarthritis

- reduce swelling and bruising

- promotes blood circulation


*Most arnica products in the market are made with arnica petals alone. When the flower petals and roots of the arnica plant are combined, the whole genetic makeup of the plant brings the healing rather than its part. 


*Please avoid eye contact. This is not for consumption. 

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