Immunity & Balance Blend

Immunity & Balance Blend

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Wildcrafted: Yerba Santa, Red Clover, Crimson Clover, Roses, St. John's Wort, Chammomile, Horsetail, Calendula.


Enjoy our customed Sunlight Tea for a long day of work, this enhanced balance blend is a great way to help support: Fatigue, PMS, Menopause, Skin Health. Our handpicked herbs are not only asthetichally beautiful but can help restore hair, nails and bone growth. Horsetial is high in Silica and Selenium,  a top mineral that is important for the proper functioning of the human body. It is responsible for metabolism and thyroid function.

Red Clover is best known for  hot flashes, PMS symptoms. Keep in mind that you can drink this blend even if you do not have these symptoms. It is best to drink consistently to feel the essential properties of this Blance blend. 

Yerba Santa is good to use for the respiratory system. A great seasonal allergy remedy.

Chammomile is relaxing and good for digestion.


This is an enjoyable tea! 

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