Calming Tea

Calming Tea



A nice relaxing blend of riverbed herbs, lavender and lemon balm to say a few! The name says it all. Calm your senses, tame your tummy, and relax your mind with a cup of this liquid love.



Floral + earthy


Typical Preparations:

To make tea, place 1 -2 TBSP in a cup of boiling water and allow to steep in a closed teapot for 5-10 minutes. Strain before sipping. 



Lavender , Horsetail, Calendula, Lemon Balm




-Kidney or bladder stones

-Urinary tract infections






*Please avoid eye contact. 

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"My highschool friend is a Doctor, took her a bag of the calming tea yesterday...She called crying this morning!!!! Slept the entire night." - Ana