Respiratory Health Tonic :Cold & Allergy Relief 4 oz

Respiratory Health Tonic :Cold & Allergy Relief 4 oz



Our tonic is made from the yerba santa plant, and aged for “holy” healing benefits. Yerba Santa is known as "Holy Or Sacred Herb”. It is often used for lung health in fighting off sinus conditions and can help to clear mucus from the respiratory tract, alleviating congestion.  It is also great ally for seasonal allergies, and hay fever!


**Yerba Santa or its Miwok name “Passale” is an indigneous native plant that is significant to the Sierra Nevada Foothill Region and close to our hearts! Traditionally, tribes throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and northern Mexico used yerba santa as a medicine herb to cure a wide variety of ailments, from asthma to wounds and sores to coughs and colds.






Recommended use:  Take  1-2 TBSP of ‘Respiratory Health Tonic’ with 1 oz of warm water. Optional: Can also be taken with honey 



-Ease Symptoms of: Cold, Fever, and Headaches

-clear congestions

- hay fever

-  seasonal allergies


-Neuroprotective properties 



*Please avoid eye contact. 

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