Respiratory Health Tonic :Cold & Allergy Relief

Respiratory Health Tonic :Cold & Allergy Relief


Internal use: Drink 1-2 TBS with warm water, you can also add honey. 

Clear Congestions

Ease Symptoms of: Cold, Fever, and Headaches


Neuroprotective properties 


Yerba Santa is known as "Holy Or Sacred Herb." This healing herb is best known to fight off sinus conditions, useful for the lungs, like asthma and runny nose. Helps clear mucus from the respiratory tractand allievating congestion.  This plant ally is great for the seasonal allergies, and hay fever. This has been used when Natives roames around the indigenous lands and adopted by the Spanish settlers. 


When there is an experience of grief, emotions to the heart and lungs, this is a sacred herb to feel full vitatlity into the spaces where it's contracted. 


For topical use

Apply a small to medium amount on poison oak, burises and insect bites.


The resinous leaves holds in moisture inside the plant to protect itself from intense harsh environments. It has a strong affliation with the element of water. 

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