Comfrey Rose CBD oil

Comfrey Rose CBD oil


Sungrown CBD planted in the early spring and harvested in the fall, is infused with organic olive oil, organic almond oil, with a touch of home grown roses from our garden. We use organic practices with everything we do. Only use on your skin topically. 

USES: Apply 3-10 drops on clean hands and massage CBD oil on your neck, back, arms, legs. Gently massaging it in and soak in the medicine. It's always nice to give yourself a body oil rub in the first hours when you wake up. Stimulate the meridian channels. 

Benefits: Comfrey is worldly used in modern and ancient times. It's known to knit bones. Our full-strength Comfrey Oil is to rebuild skin cells, promoting healthy skin tissue, and improving healing. With CBD Oil as a companion it will help your health and lifestyle. 


Comfrey CBD OIl

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