Grindellia: Heart Opener, Throat & Immunity Booster

Grindellia: Heart Opener, Throat & Immunity Booster


Having respiratory problems, feeling low in energy due to all the stimilus in this world. This herb is incredible, amazing results in re-centering the mind, throat, immunity and heart. These were all hand picked in the summer, a sunflower family Gummy Ball with potent medicine that brings heat in the body and restores the whole central nervous system. This is a universal tonic for everyday stress. Especially losing your voice, having a heart break, cough, headache. 


This comes in a 2 oz bottle. 

If you want to have a spiritual break through, I suggest you taking half of the bottle. Before taking it, sit down and have some intentions and then take it as a shot. Feel the intensitiy and have your heart open and your mind awaken. 

If you chose not to take this route, take a few drop under your tongue to help boost your immunity and other symptoms. 


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